A Meme Character Summit

Welcome to 4ducks, the first transnational Meme Character Summit, part of the #MEMEPROPAGANDA online exhibition. The summit will go on for two months, from now until the end of June 2018.

Think of this board as a memathon, a hackathon for memes: a place where everyone can participate and where we can discuss various meme topics, develop and draw up wholesome threads and launch threads where meme characters can evolve.

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Using the open source Tinyboard + vichan web application, we developed an imageboard on our own servers, which will be constantly backed-up and archived. Our goal is to create a temporary home for wholesome memers, leftist memers, memers who like edgy memes but hate racism or xenophobia - in short, a place to discuss and create for all those members of the meme community who refuse the appropriation of meme culture by reactionary forces and neofascist ideologies.

For this first edition of the Meme Character Summit, we want to concentrate on a precise set of issues, related to the history and evolution of meme characters. We ask all participants to focus on these questions, inviting all attendees to integrate them in ways they retain meaningful and constructive:

History and evolution of meme characters Family Trees (bears, frogs and co) Symbolism and meaning of meme characters Meme characters as instrument to map the collective subconscious (Mis)Use of meme characters for propaganda goals (political or corporate) Meme characters, fables and archetypes

The board is structured like a classic 4chan image board, as this is the natural ecosystem in which many of the most beloved memes first were born. We recognise our debt to the manifold communities of memers who thrive on 4chan, reddit, the weird Facebook, Telegram and all other platforms spread over the internet, without whom this board wouldn’t have existed. However, we felt the need for a common place for discussion, something akin to an online conference or festival of meme culture: ideally, the outcome will be a meta-board, a place where everyone can draw, manipulate and remix old, new or original content, in an environment characterised by a shared passion for meme culture and a common interest for the research and discussion of memetics. PLEASE NOTE: Xenophobia, racism, misogyny or other forms of hate speech won’t be tolerated. We reserve ourselves the right to cancel comments or users that don’t respect this policy.

We are incredibly happy to welcome You, aka the members of this group, and everyone that You think may be interested in joining.